Hi and thank you for an interest in my services. My name is Rockal Roberts and I LOVE doing hair. I’m from Breaux Bridge, La. (Lafayette)! I’ve been in Houston 22 years. I have three boys so I try my best to get out the salon at a decent time. I get easily frustrated if I’m being rushed or if clients are late which pushes me back for the next client! If you have something to do please book according to you having time here! I don’t have clients plied up in the salon. If it’s not available to book its probably because I’m not working.  If there’s something I can’t do, I will be more than happy to refer.  I take my time to do a good job!  If you can try your best to come on time that will keep us on schedule. If you rush me you will get a rushed job!  And most of all, if you are  hair stylist or know how to do what you are looking to get done, you don’t need me! A lot of times people come in here telling me how to do my job! You are more than welcome to inform me what you like and don’t like! Nothing you say can offend me so please feel free to say this S*** is ugly…lol My job is to please! I love this but it takes one person to mess up my day. Hope this sums me up! Thanks in advance for your services. Time is money & I love what I do! So help me stay on top by coming on time! I will get you in and out! Change of plans changes everything! Let’stick together so we can all be happy!